Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SNICKERS . . . Queen of the House, Chair, Bed . . . furniture . . .

Yes, here is my cat! Snickers. Better named Snobby Snodgrass Snickers!

She's NOT my best friend at the moment - rather I think she is getting old and senile and becoming more cantankerous with every passing day!

She has taken to using my dining room floor as her new liter box - and has a nightly routine of pouncing on me at night - which of course wakes me up!

She meows at midnight or two or three AM! at times because she either wants to go outside to play - or - she wants her treats! OR she has decided SHE NEEDS A BATH!!!!!

Ahhhhhh! I am getting very disgusted with this feline! She has a stubborn streak too!

I feed her

I clean out her potty box - or clean up the messes she makes on my dining room floor!

I give her snick snacks!

I let her out

I let her in

I TRY to pet her - but she arches her back as if to say,

"Ewwww don't touch me"

I'm getting mighty fed up with this feline friend of mine!

I think I want to find her a new home.

Any takers???

Monday, December 29, 2008

Flu bug as bitten us all! Blaaa!!!

Well . . . we were hoping that the flu bug wouldn't hit - but Steve came back from Florida sick. I tried hard not to breathe the air - but then we were greeted back home with Josh - who was also sick! Then Chris went to the doctor today - his throat nearly swollen shut and is sicker than sick! And I feel horrible now too! Just a bunch of sickies here! Blaaaa! It's all the changes of weather we've been experiencing lately. I think I'm going to go back to bed!
Headache, sore throat, achy all over . . . blaaa feeling! I think we're stocking up on cough syrup, tylenol and losenges!

Burrrr!!! Frosty morning in Tennessee . . .

The site said that it is 33 degrees - which has melted all the frost - so I KNOW NOW that this thermometer is BROKEN!

I know it's colder than this! I think the thermometer is broken! There is frost on everything!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Cakes for Bekah!

Here are some pretty cakes for you! I wish they were real and we could eat them! Yum!

Which one do you like the best?

Bekah's Birthday Gift - Part 2

Yes Bekah!
Grandma and Grandpa stopped at a Cracker Barrel in Georgia on the way home to Tennessee - and found part 2 of your birthday gift.
I had to get the display - as all the Cracker Barrels that we had gone to had sold out of this.
I will ship it out to you tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Bekah!
I hope you enjoy it!

Love always, Grandma and Grandpa


My grand daughter Rebekah's 8th birthday is today! I can hardly believe that she is 8 today. It doesn't seem possible. I was there in the room with her momma while she was born. It was the most memorable experience that I will never forget! I remember the music that played on the CD. "At Last" by Nora something . . . and Jay, (her daddy), asked me to make sure I got a newspaper - which I still have (by the way). I had flown into the town they were living early - - which later I realized was a great decision! Otherwise, I wouldn't have been there in time!

Precious Bekah!

I just love her so very much! Bek has such a way to tickle your heart - and she has mine - countless ways!

I still remember her when she was 2 years old singing Jesus Loves Me - perfectly - and then taking a bow, as she exclaimed, "thank you - thank you very much" Ahhhh! Soooo CUTE!

And the times when she would call everyone into the room and tell them, "Come on everyone, come in here, I'm preaching . . . come on everyone - I'm preaching" She would wear her best dress and proceed to preach a sermon! It tickled our hearts!

Yes, like daddy - like daughter!
She soon would be preaching to audiences and congregations! I could see it! There were times too - that she would state some profound spiritual truth - that we knew ONLY the Lord could have given her insights too!

Yes, she tickles and warms our hearts - and is a delight to know! She is my precious grand daughter Rebekah! To know her is to be truly blessed!!!!!