Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday before Christmas in Beverly...

So far - I've seen a whole 2 streets or so of Beverly....and we arrived at night - so I really don't know everything around here....but so far - I like what I've seen.  Everything is covered in snow - on the hilltops and trees.  It's really a neat little place.
My grandchildren are especially excited because they wanted snow....and they've had the time of their lives enjoying every moment!

A Special Sunday....

All of us managed to find our outfits for church this morning - without too much trouble.  This was an extra special Sunday....being that it was the first Sunday that my son-in-law Jay stepped up at the pulpit as Pastor of the Beverly Baptist Church.
It wasn't long before I soon discovered a very loving and warm family of God....
I think this will be a great place for my grandchildren to be raised!  Soo many blessings...God is so good!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


What an awesome gift from God!  We arrived without snow - but throughout the night - Beverly, Ohio got their first snowstorm of the year!  We got here just in time!!!  It's soo beautiful!!!  My grand daughter Hannah, soon to be 3 - has never seen it was quite an experience for all my grandchildren.

They couldn't wait to get out it in....and 4 outfits later....whew....we have LOTS of laundry to do!!!  But they had a blast sledding down the hill in their back yard.  Their new church family bought the kids a new sled....something they didn't need in Florida nor did they think they would be using it the very next morning!!!  I think they've had a really GREAT day!!!

Moving to Ohio....

Well - the long awaited day finally arrived....and the morning after Chloe was released from the hospital - we loaded up the suitcases....Christmas gifts....and packed to the brim - 2 we had Jay's car as well.
7 hours later...and LOTS of rain all the way - we made it to Beverly, Ohio.  They rented a house - sight unseen...but were hopeful!  When we arrived - we were more than grateful - and very pleased with the house they will now call home...hopefully for a LONG time!  It's huge - and has LOTS of rooms!

The most amazing thing was that some of the church folks took it upon themselves to unpack the kitchen - which was such a blessing!!!  They did it perfectly too!  They also set up beds and made them so that we would have beds to sleep in when we arrived!  Yeah...we were soooo tired too!
But...also...God bless them......they stocked the refrigerator with food - and thought of little things that mean so much!  Actually - putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it - was HUGE!  Michelle and Jay didn't have a tree - and haven't put one up for about the last three years - so this was HUGE!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grand daughter Chloe goes to the emergency room...

In what seemed like a routine visit to the doctor for what appeared to be pink grand daughter Chloe, (2 weeks old), ended  up being admitted to Vanderbilt Children's hospital in Nashville.
The talk of meningitis and having a spinal tap brought me to believe that she is a sick little baby!
We were due to leave my home in Tennessee, (the half-way point from Florida to Ohio - where they're relocating and moving to), early the next morning....which would be today! 
Yesterday - those plans changed when Michelle took Chloe to the clinic down the road, who in turn told her to go to Franklin, Kentucky emergency room - and who they in turn told her to take her to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital emergency room in Nashville - because they would be better suited and able to treat a newborn baby.  It was an all-day event!
Now, the next morning - we still do not have the answers that tell us what is wrong with Chloe.  Waiting is something soo hard to do.
Meanwhile, my son-in-law Jay changed his route.  He was driving straight north with their belongings from Florida to Ohio and stopped at my son Matt's house in South Carolina to spend the night.  But in light of Chloe being admitted to the hospital - he introduced his dad to his wife's family and then drove to Nashville to be with his baby and wife.  He drove approx. 20 hours yesterday,  having a two hour delay due to a rock slide, but arrived in Nashville around 6am.  Whew!  LONG DAY!
Meanwhile, we wait.......and wait.....and do a lot of praying!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Grand daughter Chloe's 1st Photo shoot....5 days old

Grand daugter Chloe's 1st photo shoot!  A friend of my daughter Michelle is also a professional photographer and offered to do Chloe's pictures!  I think it's a sensational hit! 
Giggles to Grace Photography......She is an artist!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Homeward bound - Daughter and new grand daughter Chloe...

It seemed like it took forever for the pediatrician to make his way to the hospital to check out Chloe and give her a good bill of health - and the go-ahead to go home.  But finally the moment arrived and we packed up Michelle and Chloe's belongings and made our way to the waiting van to transport them home.

My grandchildren are VERY excited to have their new baby sister home with them - and they ALL want to sit on top of mom to be the closest to their new sister.  It's a little unnerving for Michelle - but hopefully the newness will wear off some - and they will settle down.

Meanwhile.....Chloe is oblivous to the ruckus going on with her sisters and brother....and so far she seems to be a really good baby!  She does a lot of squeeking...not really crying....and every once in a while....we actually see an eye or two!