Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Precious Gift . . .

Those that know me - know that I have a very bad habit of taking Christmas gifts back that I don't like and exchanging them for something that I do like.
This time however, it had to be done due to the fact that the diamond stud earings that my husband Steve got me - I couldn't wear. I am so allergic to metal - even expensive metals!
Such a bummer!!!
So we went together to try to find something to replace it with. I looked over the entire store and nothing appealed to me.
Lots of diamond necklaces looked . . . . well VERY nice . . . but who can afford the horendous cost!!!
But - when we visited the pearls . . . my heart sank. I have wanted pearls all my life - but never had the privledge of owning any.
How awesome - that I was able to exchange my earings for a pearl necklace. I nearly wanted to cry. . . .
Now I need a new dress . . . .

A Good Bye Tribute . . .

A good bye tribute to President George W. Bush and first lady Mrs. Barbara Bush . . . . .

I, for one, will miss them!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Netflix movie rental sends Inspirational Message . . .

We have Netflix. We actually like to pick out movies and watch clips beforehand trying to determine which movie would be good and not. They normally don't send another movie until we have returned the previous one first - but this time they did. What we got was a very inspirational and motivational speaker. Andy Andrews wasn't a name that I had heard before so I inserted the DVD and began to play it. What I discovered was a marvelous motivational speaker speaking about his book, The Seven Decisions. Humm . . . That sounds very interesting I thought - and after viewing it twice now - we realized that it has a profound impact on our thinking! I hope you get a glimpse of this - and try to rent the DVD or go to his website to learn more.
It was very enjoyable. Parents - you will LOVE it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009






Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Snowing! It's Snowing!! It's SNOWING!!!

A video . . . Matt and Jessie . . .

I'm sorry about the quality. They recorded themselves on Facebook - but we couldn't figure out how to save the file. So I used my camera recorder to record it off my lap top. Matt was so goofy! We had a wonderful visit! I miss them already!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas in January 2009!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating "CHRISTMAS IN JANUARY 2009" with my son Matt and daughter-in-law Jessie, who drove up from Greenville, SC. All in all it was a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Matt brought his homework for school with him and took some needed time-out to get his studies up to date before he returns back to school this coming week. As ALWAYS - it was too short a week end and it seemed as though we were saying good bye all too quickly! Our time together though was cherished!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Enchilidas anyone? A Visit from Matt and Jessie . . .

My son Matt and daughter-in-law Jessie are coming to visit and Matt requested enchilidas. It's a family favorite and makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It's well after Christmas - being January 16th, but this is our Christmas celebration. Being that Matt and Jessie live in South Carolina it's hard to get together. Especially this year being that we were all so sick during that time and couldn't have anyone over even if wanted to.
Stayed tuned!
More pictures and updates after this weekend visit with Matt & Jessie~

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

STILL cleaning up. . . clearing out . . . . sorting. . . filing . . . and just STUFF!

I have wanted to catch up on my blog - but facebook has taken over my life at the moment. I had so many pictures that needed to be uploaded for friends, family, and church members, etc. that I have been busy going through my check list of to-do's so I can get it all done. I still have more files to upload so that everyone who has been asking about them - can finally see them! In that respect I LOVE Facebook. It's so easy to upload a lot of pictures! Otherwise, it's one of the WORST time consuming things I have every encountered in my lifetime!
Anyway . . .

My son Matt and his wife Jessie will be here this weekend. Unfortunately Jessie is allergic to my cat - and cat dander is EVERYWHERE! So I've frantically been cleaning my house! I awoke this morning to realize that my cat SITS under my Christmas tree, (which I haven't taken down just yet - I'm waiting for Matt and Jessie to come), and there sits their Christmas gifts. . . right down on the floor - UNDER the tree . . . WHERE THE CAT SITS . . . and ultimately - NEXT TO the - CAT DANDER!

I am going to pray over my house in hopes Jessie won't get sick! Sometimes my feline puuty tat is far more work than she's worth!

Anyway - just a note. . . . this week is a crazy week!
I'm still cleaning out - trying to organize my office - and throw away YEARS of papers that I have just ignored! (Pictures are not real . . . but depict an idea of what I'm dealing with presently!)

We are STILL downsizing after all these months!

I'm happy to say that my garage is starting to look like a garage! WOW! I think I can even start parking in it again. . . . I'd take pictures - but it's about zero degrees and the wind is blowing HARD. . . .so it's really FREEZING outside!

I will update my blog with pictures hopefully after Matt and Jessie visit.

Meanwhile . . . stay WARM . . . and enjoy life!

Signing off for now.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

We REALLY want to retire from mooooooooving!

If I see one more box or thing to move - or even HEAR the word MOVING . . . . .
I'm running away!!!!!!!
I'm soooooooooooooooo tired! We worked hard to get some things together for Josh to help him set up a household again. So much of what he had - disappeared or was destroyed. We have been mighty busy moving furniture around, loaning furniture out - and reorganizing the house, moving Josh out to his own place again - and moving Chris over to Josh's former bedroom, and then we moved our exercise equipment from the garage into Chris' old bedroom. We finally have our exercise equipment in the house now - so we can do what we NEED to do - the dreaded EXERCISE! I'm being mindful of New Year's resolutions!

The moving today was hard with the wind that was bitter cold and bit right through us - but we had to load a truck and pack him up so Josh could have furniture again - and set up his new residence. We still haven't unpacked and organized ourselves since we moved into THIS house! Whew! Moving is such HARD WORK!!!
We still need to help him set up which is no easy endeavor and requires a lot of travel! PLUS I have a conflict in that I have Christmas decorations to take down, organize and pack for our church.
Does life ever slow down??? I'm beginning to wonder.
Meanwhile though - my feet are kicked up and I'm taking a very needed rest. This has been a busy, cold, hectic and tiring day! Whew! I really DO need a nap!!!