Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Visting our precious Grandchildren . . .

Well . . . I took loads of pictures on my new blackberry Verizon phone . . . that's the good news . . . the bad news - is that I cannot figure out how to get them OFF my phone and into my email so I can upload them on my blog.

So . . . today I am packing up my Verizon Blackberry . . . . .which is sad in some ways - because I love the color of it - It's PINK!

But I find the phone gives me GREAT aggitation - and I do not like it . . . so I am going to exchange it for a camera phone. . . . being that I rarely use my phone except to take pictures - send them to my email and then post them to my blog or facebook.

I really don't think I need a blackberry! It is NOT user friendly - at least for me! I don't like the multiple messages and screens that I have to wade through just so I can email - or see a picture. THEN - with this particular blackberry - in order to SEE the pictures - you have to get out of one - to get into another - and not just flip through all the pictures. . . .it's very frustrating . . .


Long story short . . . I am returning the Blackberry today and getting my camera phone and one in which I'm hopeful I will use! I CANNOT STAND USING THE BLACKBERRY - SO MOST OF THE TIME I DON'T EVEN BOTHER TURNING IT ON!!!!!

Here is ONE picture that I was finally able to get off my phone . . . . . I hope the rest will be up and coming once I can figure out how to transfer all the pictures I took, (which is A LOT!!!), into my email so I can upload it into my blog. . . .

I HOPE!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Snickers goes to surgery . . .

Well - in light of how she is today after yesterday's surgery to remove a tumor - possibly cancerous - I wish now that I had not gone through with it.
Snickers is inobvious pain - and trying to get a pain pill down a cat's throat is IMPOSSIBLE!!!
All she did was growl at me.
She is completely out of sorts and hides inplaces I cannot get to her.
I wish now I never went through with the surgery! But hindsight is always 20-20.
So I guess I live and learn!
If we have added a few years to this silly cat - remains to be seen. The vet said her exrays looked great and the surgery went very well.
Hopefully in a few weeks we will get the results of the biopsy of the tumor to know if it was truly cancerous or not.
I'll keep you updated. .. .meanwhile - I feel like a heel!
My poor cat!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chris' Has blow out in tire on his truck and loses control

I tried to get a better picture and closer to the spot that Chris went off the road - but I missed it. It was a bit further up the highway than this. I will try to get another picture later on.

Actually, Chris did pretty good considering that he was going 70 miles per hour on the highway in the left lane when his truck tire blew.
He wasn't sure just what happened because it all happened so fast. He was pretty shook up and left the highway going down an embankment into the median. He said that he spun around a few times before coming to a stop. It's a miracle that he didn't roll his truck!!!
It was at night and the freezing rain was moving in. He thought for sure he was done for. I didn't realize completely until the next morning just how close he came to a tramatic end! I am so very thankful that God had his hand on him and he is okay now.
It was a hairy mess trying to get him pulled back up to the highway and then onto the tow truck - but after a good while - they were able to get it on the truck and tow his truck to the dealership.
It took a while to get is truck back due the difficulty of maneuvering through the Warranty process - but he is back driving again. The only damage to the truck was a blown tire and the wheel was bent when he ran off the highway down the embankment. The front end had grass and mud embedded into the bumper and front, but other than that - he did pretty well.
The best part though - is that he didn't roll his truck! Or get hit by a semi-truck.
Had it happened just a mile before hand - we would be attending his funeral - -no doubt. He would have NO DOUBT totalled it - along with losing his life. I am so enormously thankful that God protected him.
It was a tremendous incline going up Ridgetop and the left side of the highway drops into a tremendously deep ravine.
It was too dark to get good pictures. But I'm posting what I have.

An Ice Storm Hits Tennessee

The porch was solid ice . . .

I wished that I had my good digital 35mm camera battery charged so I could have zoomed in to take close up pictures of the tree branches so you could grasp the beauty of the ice covered branches. It may have been mighty cold - but it was very beautiful with the ice detailing every branch. I don't know if you can tell with the pictures that I took with my camera phone or not.

We had snow which followed the ice storm.

WEN Hair care is fabulous!

I am using a new hair care product called Wen haircare - and I love it. It's all natural and no harsh detergeants. I have been searching for a new product for a very long time due to my sensitivity and I think I have found it finally.
Just google Wen hair care and you will find the websites to order and try it yourself.
So far, I personally, love it and probably will never use anything else.

Look Mom - No more braces

After many years of braces - Chris just got his braces off and still trying to adjust to the new feeling in his mouth. . . .

Needless to say - he is very excited and glad they're finally off.