Sunday, November 29, 2009

Homeward bound - Daughter and new grand daughter Chloe...

It seemed like it took forever for the pediatrician to make his way to the hospital to check out Chloe and give her a good bill of health - and the go-ahead to go home.  But finally the moment arrived and we packed up Michelle and Chloe's belongings and made our way to the waiting van to transport them home.

My grandchildren are VERY excited to have their new baby sister home with them - and they ALL want to sit on top of mom to be the closest to their new sister.  It's a little unnerving for Michelle - but hopefully the newness will wear off some - and they will settle down.

Meanwhile.....Chloe is oblivous to the ruckus going on with her sisters and brother....and so far she seems to be a really good baby!  She does a lot of squeeking...not really crying....and every once in a while....we actually see an eye or two! 

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chloe Grace....the next morning

Checking out their little sister

Friday, November 27, 2009

Welcome to the world little precious Chloe Grace...

My newest grand daughter was born today...

Chloe Grace Richardson
Born 11-27-09  at 6:12 pm
7 lbs. 11 oz.
20" long

Woo hoo!  She's HERE!!!!!

Due to the fact that Michelle didn't eat today...her sugar dropped...and when Chloe was born - her sugar was at 30 and so they took her into the NICU and they insterted an IV to help her out with her sugars....but she should be just fine!

(more picts to follow)

My daughter is doing well.  She said it was the easiest delivery she ever did!  They administered one of the easiest epidurals she has ever experienced - and when she began to feel some push - and voila - she was born!!! Totally shocked the mid-wife/doctor.
She is ruddy - similar to what Hannah looked like when she was born....and the first thing  you can see is Chloe's red hair!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year was little out of the ordinary with all the uncertainties of WHEN my new grand daughter-to-be will arrive.  We were hoping for Thanksgiving.....but the day is nearly over - and my daughter still hasn't had many labor pains.  THREE more days before she goes into the hospital to have her.

So - due to Michelle's gestational diabetes - it was hard to put together a Thanksgiving meal LOW-CARB- minded!  Almost an impossible task!!!  At first it was talk that we would completely postpone the dinner and have Thanksgiving after Chloe was born - but I couldn't NOT have a Thanksgiving dinner......and being that Michelle doesn't like turkey - I baked chickens instead.  It wasn't quite the same - but I think everyone enjoyed what I did do - and there were even a few left-overs.  And of course - no Thanksgiving is complete unless you watch the Macy's Day Parade.....Hannah especially LOVED the Dorah float!!!  She loves Dorah!

Here are the highlights!

We used every utensil available and the only left was a baby fork and butcher knife to carve the chickens.  Michelle thought that was sooo funny!  I would not attempt is very hard to do...ha ha!

Jay had to work and was on call all day - but was able to make it home by 3:00. 

The neighbor across the street from my Michelle's house put up a huge display of Christmas's so beautiful!

the walk after the dinner helped Michelle reduce her sugar...and she did really GREAT.....even though she did eat some dressing!

Steve and Chris flew down from Tennessee to see our son Matt and his wife Jessie for Thanksgiving.  That's the hardest part about this year!  The family was all spread apart all over the place.

Josh stayed in Tennessee and had Thanksgiving with Danielle and her family.

Who knows?  Maybe next year we can try to get everyone all together!  That seems like a dream.....but I can always hope!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

O' Magnify the Lord... and forsake not the assembly of one another...

Sunday, November 22nd we got up extra early and got ready, grandchildren dressed, bathed and fed, and took a 2 hour drive to attend the Saint Andrews Chapel in Sanford, Florida to hear Dr. R. C. Sproul preach.  When we arrived I had no idea what to expect....but found the grounds breathtakingly beautiful!!!  It was an adventure in itself just walking along the path to get to the church and there were signs along the way steering us in the right direction.

From the moment we entered the sanctuary - I felt the awesome presence of the Lord...the bulletin we had received seemed more like a manual - filled with information explaining that the musical prelude was to reflect the Lord in reverence.  There had to be at least 600 people sitting in perfect silence all reflecting upon our Lord and Savior.  It was an experience that I cannot begin to explain in words.  Had I written my thoughts at the moment - I would have written a poetic symphony of emotions all simultaneously flooding my soul and spirit!

I wanted to stop the hands of time to soak in the beauty...the reverence...the angelic choir that echoed throughout the cross-shaped sanctuary...the enormous pipe organ, the dynamic pillars, stained glass windows, the intrically engraved wood beams and columns, pews and lecturn.  It was so heavenly.....
 I couldn't help but sense that perhaps a small glimpse of Heaven - yes...Heaven will be so much more, so much more dynamic...granduous.....reverently.....HOLY!  I have no words to adequately explain it.

I realized how much we need our Savior.....and how I yearn to be in His presence so much very much more!  I love Him so!

Dr. R.C. Sproul preached and unfortunately, due to his recent illness, we were unable to meet with him personally.

All I have wanted to do is go back and I wish I lived closer, because I would go again...and again....and again...
It was an awesome worship service...just awesome!

It's a boy!!!

Welcome to the world
Josiah Andrew Wallace

Born:       November 23, 2009
Time:       9:57 pm
Weight:   5lbs 12oz
              19 inches long
              Red hair
Mom and baby are doing great!
Proud parents: Joshua and Wendy Wallce

Proud grandparents: Gary and Donna

He came a little earlier than expected after a long bout of bed rest for Wendy.  He was due in January but the c-section was scheduled for December 15th.
I guess he had other plans....Making it just in time for his first Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Orange juice anyone?

Fresh squeezed  - freshly picked from the back yard tree!

My daughter has an orange tree in their back yard - and it's ready to be picked!  Now all we need is a ladder!!!