Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beautiful SunShine on a crisp snowy day!

I have to take a picture of our back yard.....
     (I think I've taken countless...as it's just beautiful!)

.......the snow has ceased - and the sun actually came out.  It's just beautiful!

....and I wanted to share the it!

Snow is still falling!!!! And Snick was baffled!

I awoke this morning to snow STILL falling ....but this time the wind has subsided some, (thankfully!) and the snow is now gracefully falling to the ground!  I love it when the flakes are HUGE.  Being that we have a huge field and hills behind us - I can't get a clear picture of the snow until I look at the back of the barn.  At some moments the snow is gracefully falling and a split second later - the wind kicks up again - and it comes down a little faster and sideways!  In any case - it's FREEZING outside! 

I'm sure the school children are delighted!  Another school's out day - and more playtime IN the snow!  I can hear the sleds now!  Ha ha!

I was supposed to meet some friends for dinner tonight - but now - I'm not sure I can drive down the ridge to get to them!!!  Either way I go - I still have to drive down a trecherous ridge to get into Nashville!

My cat Snickers wanted outside - and as she hopped out in her hurried little self - she came to an abrupt STOP to check out this white stuff falling on the ground on her territory!  She is so funny!  It didn't take her long to hop back inside where it's nice and toasty!
I think she prefers to be inside!!!
Can you hear her say, "Hey - what is this stuff?!"
Ewwww....it's cold and wet!
"NOT FOR ME!!!!!    I'm outta here!  I'm going back inside!!!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowfalling and a Frigidity FREEZING Windy day!!!

Burr...I had no idea I would be awakened to the beautiful sight of huge snowflakes bombarding my back yard!  It came so fast - I could hardly believe my eyes!  But as soon as it came - it left...and replaced the snowflakes with unrelenting high speed WIND!!!!!
Nevertheless....it is still beautiful outside! 
So long as you observe its beauty from indoors!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love to watch the sunset....it's always sooo beautiful!!!

Skype and my Grandchildren

Skype is the next best thing to being there - when visiting your family from another location.  I love Skype - and I love to be able to see my Grandchildren and daughter.  It makes the ache of being apart - that much more bearable!!!

So....we  have

Sooo silly!!!!    Ha ha ha!!!

Hmmm.....nice nose hairs Chell...

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

Look Grandma! 
 I can read!!!!

School lessons.....Bek was reading and Ben was doing math!  What a privilege!!!!!
They are doing REALLY GOOD too!  Good job Chell!!!!!!

And the newest clan Little Miss Chloe - was learning to use her voice....
Ooooo'ing....and Awwww'ing
smiling too....
......I LOVE IT!!!!!

All in all....
What an awesome way to stay in touch.....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Devonshire gets new tenants...

After much prayer about the direction to go with our Hendersonville house and advertising on Craigslist.com and Renters.com for rent - and listing it for sale with my sister-in-law's realty company, and also exploring the idea of offering the house as a type of Bed & Breakfast - or Corporate Housing -  we found a sweet family to rent the Devonshire house,who will begin their 2 year occupancy in March. 

I'm very thankful!!!  God answered our prayers - and for now - we won't be selling Devonshire. 

Friday, February 5, 2010

More snow in the Forecast headed our way!

Well - it looks like we are going to get some more snow by mid-night tonight.
It's been raining all day long, but the rain is due to turn to ice and then snow later on this evening and on into the morning hours.

I guess seeing will be believing!!!

Will there be snow?  Or not?

I'll post pictures if it does! :))

Chris undergoes Epidural Steroid Injection

Well...at tad late - as yesterday I drove my son down to Baptist Hospital to have an epidural steriod injection done.  He says he has a lot of pressure on his back - and this morning has reported that he didn't sleep a wink!  His back is giving him fits of pain and numbness down both legs! 

We are praying that he gets relief soon!!!
If the pain doesn't subside - he will have no choice but to try going through a discectomy.  They go in - and trim off the 2 bulging disks in hopes to relieve the pressure off the nerve.  If that doesn't work - then they will look at a total disk fusion - and fuse the 2 culpret disks together.   The surgeon however doesn't want to do that to a 22 year old!!!

Drats - those football days - have really done him in!!!  He now regrets that he ever played football.  It has wreaked havoc in his spinal cord!!!

The doctor point-blankly told him that he will have no choice but to work with his mind - not his body!  I guess he needs to quit that server and retail sale's jobs!!!  Even so though - he will have a tough time sitting for any length of time!!!

I feel so helpless to help him!  So....I just keep praying that God will heal his aching back so he can lead a normal life without so much pain and numbness going down into his legs!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Tenants for Devonshire???

Well it isn't completely official...signed, sealed and delivered.....but I think we have found some tenants for our home in Hendersonville.  A young couple with 2 small children and his cousin who has recently graduated from high school, wants to continue her education which can be done through Vol State just 5 miles up the road.  He is a videographer who needs room for his office and studio, and his wife - who manages her day taking care of their children.....they love the house and the apartment. 

I have mixed feelings about it though!!!  I had entertained the idea of moving back into it - as I miss that old house very much....I miss the space.....the LOCATION!  So many factors that still weigh heavily on my heart.  I wished that I never moved from there!!!

But for now - we need to have tenants...until such time that we can move back.  I really don't like living in the country out in Portland.  The wind is unrelenting and although we are close to Steve's plane - I don't really like landing and flying out of the Portland airport. 
For now though....I'll just keep praying!