Monday, November 29, 2010

Chloe Grace is WALKING!!! Watch out world!!!

I loved the visit from my daughter's family.  My grandchildren are growing in leaps and bounds...and it won't be long before they tower over me....I can see it already!  That will definately be a sad day!  Oh well....What can I say???  I inherited short genes!

Meanwhile though.....I tried to capture this precious pumpkin!!!  She is sooooooo SWEET!  Her hair has grown out a little more now - and it's soo curly too!  Her little personality is showing through a lot more now!  My heart is blessed beyond measure!

Merry Thanksgiving Christmas 2010

 This year was a little out of the ordinary when our familly got together a day after Thanksgiving. We decided to celebrate Christmas as well...since we were almost all together. My daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren were visiting from Ohio and wouldn't be here for Christmas - so it was the perfect opportunity.

We decided this year - that most of the gift giving - would be for the grandchildren - and instead of going for broke, on gifts for one another - we'd do a 'white elephant' gift exchange! WOW!

What fun! It was so much fun - that I think we'll do this again every year from here on out. We had a lot of fun...loads of laughter - and no one was stressed out about spending a lot of money we don't have this year. The economy has hit us hard - and life as we used to know it - is a thing of the past!

So we're improvising - and having one of the best Christmasses I can ever remember!  All too short-lived - but the memories it left behind are priceless!

Celebrating Chloe's 1st Birthday

 We celebrated my grand daughter Chloe's 1st birthday on November 27th!  I'm late in posting this!

As we began to sing her Happy Birthday....she began to rock!!!
She is such a cute little thing!  I think she had a good time....especially eating the cake!

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!