Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet Sadie....Our new Furry Friend...

Yes!  I had a weak moment....and have been longing for my deceased furry friend!  I do miss Snickers....but I can't bring her back!  I miss a multitude of things.....but mostly to pet her soft fur.  So - I've been looking for a replacement.  It won't be the same - but a little furry friend is nice to have around. walks Sadie. Actually - we looked online on the Internet for a while - and then visited local animal shelters.  We settled for a very clean and very health-conscious Hendersonville Humane Shelter. 

All new animals are isolated - and then checked out with a vet, tested for any disease - and fixed before being ready for adoption.  She's a sweet little thing, (but scared of her environment!).  I would be too if I was stuck in a cage for strangers to walk by me every day and see dogs and all sorts of things all day long!  She is a little tabby with white on her.  She was born in a barn and a little nervous at first around humans!  But she has purred non-stop since bringing her home....and is slowly coming around and warming up to us. 

She's so funny...and so far - we think she may be a kindred furry friend for a long time to come!  She's definately got a strong motor that purrs away at the slightest of things!  She cracks  us up too - and when she finally came to the livingroom - took a running slide acrossed our hardwood floors and smacked into the wall - then JUMPED!  She also spooked herself when she jumped into the wall length mirror trying to get the kitty in the mirror!  Ha ha!  I had to laugh at her innocense.  She's pretty comical for a kitten!  She even extends her paws in peaceful contentment on the hardwood floors.  Yep - I think she is quite happy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


With all the uprising and revolting going on in our world today.....

All I can .... we need to ....

P   R   A   Y   ! 

 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world....
but be transformed by the renewal of your mind
that you may prove that which is good, acceptable and perfect will of God. 
Romans 12:2

Monday, February 7, 2011

In Memory of Snickers...

It's a sad day today.  I awoke and my eyes were already watering!  I knew what had to be done - and I didn't want her to struggle any more.  She was declining more and more by the hour.  For the life of me - I don't even know how she stayed alive as long as she did!

She did manage to jump off my bed and I found her in my closet.  I think she wanted a private place to die.  I am soo glad it wasn't under my bed!

We tried to bring her icecream....her favorite!  And feed her with our fingers, but she turned her nose and wouldn't have anything to do with us. 

As I put her in her carrier to take her to the vet - she growled at me!  I think she knew it was the end!

It was a simple procedure.  The people there was so sympathetic. 
They brought me a bottle of water and tissues!  I prayed for the Lord to give me I wouldn't fall all apart!  Shew!  Tough day for sure!

The first injection was the anesthesia to put her to sleep!  She just got really sleepy!  But by this time - she was very weak...and her heart barely beat....along with her breathing.  Poor Snick.  I rocked and cradled her like a baby! 

When the vet came in about 5 or so minutes after the first injection she was pretty much out of it.  He then inserted the last injection - and within 2 seconds - she was gone.  Very least for her.

I wrapped her up in the soft blanket that I had just for her, and put her in the box that I buried her in.

When I got home - I proceeded to finish the outer wrapping and taped up all the sides. 

Soon after the guy at the Garden Center came over and began to dig the hole for the tree I was going to plant.  I think Snick would have like sitting under that weeping willow....I can almost see her now.

Before we knew it - the hole was dug, the tree was planted - and Snick was now beneath the ground.  My heart hurts today.....I have a sad loneliness....that my buddy isn't here.  I almost started talking to her - like I always do.....but she's no longer here!

Within a few moments of Tommy leaving - it began to snow very very hard!  BEAUTIFULLY LARGE flakes of snow and it's still snowing and covering the ground in record speed!  It's so beautiful! 

Now the remant reminders of Snick still lingers....and I'm still in the process of washing, cleaning and packing up.

Poor Snickers!  My poor Snickers.  I will miss her very much!  She comforted me at night - and was my bed buddy - all snuggled up against me....and at my feet!  I wonder how long it will take for me to stop reaching for her - only to realize that she is no longer here.

Sleep Snick.....I told her she was taking a long winter's nap ....
                                                                                                ...and now
      q u i e t . . .

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Across the Rainbow Bridge at the end of Butterfly Lane...

....It was a nice sentiment that I read about on a website with failing animals....

Someone posted that they had talked to their failing feline friend....about crossing the Rainbow Bridge found at the end of Butterfly Lane.
Aww...what a sweet sentiment....I just wish it were as simple!  I do long for Heaven to hold our precious furry friends!  I guess one day - we'll all know.......the day when God calls us home.   Til then though - I'll just wonder.  But I'm not optimistic.

I talked to the vet and after hours fees are considerably higher in cost than the normal fees charged.  I would have done anything this morning - as Snickers was struggling ferociously to breathe.  It broke my heart.  But she has settle down some - and although she is shallow in her breathing - she continues to purr like a motor boat.  So I have decided to postpone her fate....and she will live one more day.

In some ways I feel like such a other ways though - I feel like I'm being merciful.  I don't want her to struggle as she takes her last breath!

I have never sat on a death watch vigil for a cat before - and it's just not easy seeing my 16 year furry friend slowly decline.  I've tried for days to get her take some water....or liquid the liquid from her packaged food, but she turns her back on me every time.

Tomorrow the nursery/landscape company is coming to dig a hole for the tree...and then I will take Snick in to the she can gently go to sleep without effort!  My precious Snick.  Really my snobby Snick - that would pop and snap at my grandchildren.  She was a STINKER!  Obstinate! Hard to get along with!  Such a snob - as she wouldn't come to you very well.  But she was my buddy - and slept with me...and kept me company.  (I usually had to watch where I walked because she was in the same room wherever I was - and a lot of times - right under my feet!  Sometimes I would nearly step on her - and DID on occassions!)  She LOVED her Snick-snacks - so we called them.  But now - today - she won't touch a thing - and hasn't eaten in a week.  I tried....even with a syringe - but it was futile to attempt I gave up!

I tried to offer her some water with my finger tip ...and even a plate.....and then with a medicine bottle cap....but she turns away...  She doesn't want anything.  I guess that's nature...when an animals knows its dying.  I think she knows...and her body is shutting down.


It will be a sad day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snickers worsens...

I regret my decision to keep Snick alive for a few more days.  I should have put her down the day I took her to the Animal Hospital.  It's agonizing to see my poor kitty die slowly....and she is declining little by little.  However, she has purred non-stop.  The vet said that she is telling me that she is content with her environment.

But I see her slowly slipping away.  She doesn't get up and walk around anymore...she just lays there....sleeping mostly - but purring.

It scared me last night - because I thought she had died.  I didn't feel her breathing right away.

If she manages to live until Monday - I have no choice but to take her to the vet again - and  have him put her down.  I feel so bad!  She doesn't appear to be suffering really - especially with her purring.

I tried to force her to eat with a syringe.  The vet gave me this thick brown gel filled with nutrients for cats and so I tried - but she gagged and fought with me.  She even growled at me - and she NEVER growls at me.  So I won't try again.  I read an article that said not to force them to eat - as it's the animal's natural way of the body to shut down.  Meanwhile though - I pray for Monday to hurry and come.  I don't want her to suffer.  What was I thinking???  I could have saved a lot of money too - in the process.  In any case, I have to say that this is a sit on death watch for a cat.  This is angonizing!

My poor Snickers!  My heart is so sad!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

...Out of space......sigh.... :(

I am out of space....which I didn't even realize that there was a capasity for blogs. However, in the next few weeks...I'll be redoing my blog and eliminating pictures and blog entries....til then though....there won't be any more posts....Or pictures anyway!

...until we meet again!!!  :)

Happy week to you!  :)

Sad News Today......

I took my cat to the veterinarian today.  She's not herself and stopped eating.  But also stopped using the potty...and acting funny.  Acting like she can't breathe, she gets sick a lot lately.  So I took her to see the vet to find out why.

From their records - she had breast cancer...and had massive masectomy to remove it 2 years ago and has done very well since then.

But the xrays today showed that she is developing fluid in her lungs.  They think that it's from another tumor of some sort - and that she needs to be put down.

As sad as it is - I know they are right. 

I would have done it today - but my son Chris wouldn't be able to say goodbye.....

So meanwhile.....she has a few more days with us.  the vet drained the fluid from her lungs.  I felt bad - as I heard her screaming! :(

It's so hard to lose a family member.  She's been a part of our lives for over 16 years!  It will be so strange not having her here anymore.

Sad day.....Poor Snickers!