Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding Day

I have to admit that I LOVE a good Cinderella story...and Catherine Middleton and Prince William - are definately a really GREAT real-life Cinderella story!  I awoke early with such excitement!  Although I set my DVR to record the Wedding of the Century - I couldn't wait to see it!

Kate Middleton - now Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge - and now happily married to Prince William, an heir to the Throne of England.  The bride was radiant and stunningly flawless!  It was a beautiful wedding that I will never forget!

Prince William - now His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge - along with several other titles could not contain his joy!  It was priceless!

There will be a LOT of celebrations today!

My grandchildren, also enjoyed the Royal Wedding...and have role-played the wedding all day long since seeing it.  It's so precious!

What makes this day so spectacular - is that they truly and genuinly look extremely happy - and very much in love with one another!
I loved the ceremony.....I loved the joy!  I loved her dress!  And I loved their - not one - but TWO kisses on the balcony!
Congratulations to the World's Most Beautiful Couple!
 May God bless them always!!!
And may they keep Jesus Christ as head of their home and marriage always!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to my niece Kimmie!

Happy Birthday Kimmie!!!!!  We love you!!!

Our hearts and prayers for those who lost their loved ones and homes...

Our hearts and prayers for those who lost their loved ones and homes in yesterday's devistating tornadoes and storms that ripped across the southern middle states; Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia and I'm not sure where else.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Storms are coming!

The barrage of storms have plummeted and pelted all across Central America!  Between rain, hail, winds, tornadoes, floods....and the list seems endless - we have been hit with record breaking weather!!!

Is this a wake up call?

It's definately something to take note of!  I pray daily for the safety and well-being of all! 
Needless to say - there has been a few sleepless nights!!!  More storms in the forecast today!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm behind on blogging!

I didn't realize it had been so many days since I last blogged!  I am definately behind.
Yesterday was Easter Resurrection Sunday!  We actually attended church service on the Saturday night before which was very nice.  I think I really like Saturdays due to less traffic and more parking. 

Either way though - I love the pastor and sermons and service and praise and worship at Long Hollow Baptist.  I hope you get a chance to watch an archived sermon and the segment of, "Minute to Win It". 
So creative....and every time they use visuals, skits, drama presentations - it always drives home a message!

I cooked a nice Easter dinner yesterday.  A healthy choice - and much easier to cook and put together than our regular meals...(which we can't eat anymore!). 
Our son Josh and grandson Micah came for the weekend!  It was so nice to be able to spend time with them - and finally see our grandson Micah!  It makes my heart sad that he hasn't really known us as grandparents!  But Josh plans to come out to the country more so we can see this little fella!!!  I love our country view - but I do miss being closer into town!!!

Praying still for Josh and Danielle, who are presently separated!  I am not sure that they can work through their issues - but we'll just keep praying that they can!  It's not entirely impossible - but the issues seem unsurmountable for now!

All in all - we had a very pleasant and relaxing Easter. 
I'm so thankful for our Savior Jesus....who paid a debt he did not owe.....for our sins - for which we could not pay!
 Praise be to God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who was, who is, and who is to come!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Are you IN the boat???

We ended up going to church on early Saturday evening.  It was different - but nice to find parking places!  Sundays are a bit difficult - but doable - just not as easy as Saturdays.
I think Long Hollow Baptist has one of THE most VERY BEST drama teams EVER!  They come up with the most fantastic visuals to interrelate to the sermon!
Saturday's sermon was about Noah, the ark, the animals....and ultimately....the FLOOD!

People were eating and drinking and carrying on during the days of Noah.  No one but Noah and his family were found to be righteous! And God graciously spared them...and 2 of every species of birds and animals.
I cannot imagine getting that all accomplished, but God - no doubt - gave Noah the ability.

When the lights all went out and it was pitch black darkness in the sanctuary......all that was heard was a thunderstorm and rain! 
                          ..................................And God shut them in! was apparent - that there was knocking...and clamour! I never really thought about those outside of the boat Noah built.  I'm sure they were pounding with fierce intensity and weeping and wailing as they realized that Noah was telling the truth all along.  All of their jeers and mockery.....faded into a battle to save themselves from the "flood" - but it was too late.

The sermon was so good....but then it always is.  The pastor at Long Hollow Baptist is one mighty mouthpiece for the Lord our God!
                                       The question is:  ARE YOU IN THE BOAT?
Because if you're not - you need to be!  Jesus Christ IS coming SOON!  And if we are not found IN CHRIST....we will surely be left behind.

The birth pangs have begun......our end of the end of the end days are upon us.....

We must get right with God.....or we WILL be left behind to endure the tumultuous tribulation period.
                            I don't want to be here!  And neither to you!
IF you have not asked Jesus to be Lord of your life - inviting him into to you heart - then I pray you do!  There is not much time!
If you're not sure what I am talking about....I encourage you to listen:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

God's Majesty.....Unfolding the Canvas!

I love Springtime....and even more so - the view behind our house!
It's so peaceful...and I have countless pictures of it....not to mention all the sunsets too!
The other morning was a crisp and cool misty morning.  All was still and quiet with barely a few birds beginning their melodic melodies.  The dew was thick on the ground - and every blade of grass was damp from the previous evening's rain.  I stood there - feeling as though time was standing still  For a moment - no problems echoed the airwaves - as I kept the television off and didn't bother with a radio. 

I wanted to etch the view in my memory........God's majesty unfolding the canvas....all for my enjoyment!

I'm so thankful!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spot of Tea Send off

Well it was quite a whirlwind week pack-filled with all kinds of things on our agenda to do while my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren visited. 
We toured the Octagon Hall Civil War Museum, (
 The Shaker's Museum, (
We went fishing in the pond behind our home, (2nd favorite for the girls - but 1st favorvite for Ben - as he caught a fish!!!  Yeah Ben!), .......
                                  but best of all.....which I think all my grandchildren will account for and agree...
                                                                  (drum roll please.....)

had a

Soon after they packed up headed 'em up and moved 'em out!
But worst of all was their dog Bunny!  She thought it was a fun game to run when we tried to get her.  Seemed as though - she LOVED all the fields she could jump and run in - and most intriguing was that killdeer bird's nest!  Luckily mother bird did her famous faking a broken wing act and Bunny chased the bird away from the nest!
FINALLY!!!  I ran around the house - from front to back and chased her in toward the house.....Michelle nearly had her - but she escaped - yet again!  But luckily she ran onto the porch where we trapped her.  She escaped through grandson Ben's legs and Michelle finally captured her hiding in the house!  Bad bunny!!!!  Bad dog!!!
Oh well...we'll chalk that up to - yet another memory-making moment!
The Tea party adventure was a success!  Nothing like 100% sugar for breakfast.  Oh well...they didn't mind the cookies, (3 different kinds), Easter malted milk ball eggs, gummies, peanuts, a plate of apples and bananas...but most importantly, the specialty sugar with a pitcher of creamer for their tea! I used all my china and dimitass cups. 
They LOVED IT!  :)
Their conversation was of proper ettiquette in an English tone....went something like this:

"Shall we have a spot of tea?"
"Lovely, simply lovely"
"Yes, thank you, a spot of tea would be most appreciated"
"How are your children doing?" "Are they still alive?"
(Oh my gosh...I had to hold my laughter!!!)

I LOVED their dialect!  It blessed my heart to no end!!!
I LOVE creating memories!
Hopefully they will remember this tea party for the rest of their lives!  I know I will!!!

I miss them all already!!!