Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Matt's Surgery Day!

Today was the day we deaded! As much as we tried to push it out of our mind it continued to loom over us like a dark drizzly day! The surgery, which we thought would last FIVE long hours, but surprisingly took only 2! After several repeated MRI's, the 10:30 am surgery time bumped up to 12:30 pm,and then to 3:00pm! It was an enormously LONG day of waiting.....waiting....waiting...and waiting some more!
The love and support of his friends was amazing to behold! His buddyy Dennis was there first thing in the morning and stayed all day into the night! We felt so bad that they wouldn't let anyone see him. Only bis wife and his mom-in-law and me! Even then they didn't want us to stay but a few minutes!
There were several from his church and work that stopped by! My son is truly blessed! The friend that stood out the most though was Vic! An elderly gentleman that they recently met on Veterans Day and shared a dinner together! They became fast friends! Vic is a facsinating man with countless stories, pictures and articles. He never forgot Matt's surgery day and came to sit with us ALL DAY LONG!!! It made me realize that relationships are precious in all walks of life! So many blessings to be thankful for!

My son Matt's Craniotomy Successful! I hope I said that right!

The brain surgery was necessary for my son! It was a day we all dreaded, but knew it had to be done! It was a cavernous angioma! It was what caused his last 2 strokes! (Only we suspect 3). It had to be cut out! After an enormously LONG day and many Mi's later, the very willed surgeon, Dr. Mina proceeded to remove the culprit vein!

After surgery they moved him to ICU where he spent the night! The nurses didn't want us to stay long, so we left the hospital for the night! We felt that Matt was in good hands. When we were finally able to see him, we found him alert, talking like a chatter box and asking countless questions! I was amazed!!!
The outpouring of love and support astounded me! My son is truly blessed of God! A loving wife, countless friends and faithful prayer partners have all helped to make this difficult season of life more bearable!
Hoping today he will leave the ICU and be moved to his own room! Only time will determine the outcome of his surgery - but I'm hopeful!!!
I will do my utmost to update his progress!
For today I am bursting with gratitude! We do serve an awesome God!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving week!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am headed south to South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with my son Matt and our precious daughter-in-law Jessie.  Can't wait to see them! Stopping on the route down to see my daughter Michelle and precious grandchildren!  I cannot wait!!!!!
My son Matt is due to have brain surgery right after Thanksgiving. Many prayers am I praying!!!!