Sunday, June 10, 2012

Whirlwind! It's an Understatement!!!

Another adventure has been fulfilled! On Mother's Day weekend - no one was going to be home or around, (SADLY!), so I packed my bags and headed to Michigan! (An 8+ hour drive!) I picked up my cousin Sue and drove another 3 hours to Detroit where we got a hotel room and spent the night. The next morning I took her to her favorite Annual Scrapbooking Convention! WOW! It was an adventure! And at least we had a wheelchair to manage to get through the very crowded convention center! After hours of shopping and visiting all the booths, we headed back to her house. On the way we began to discuss our desires to go to Florida to see The Holy Lands in Orlando. Sue and her husband Kris had just purchase and furnished a "SnowBird home" in Deltona, Florida. So - out of a very wild whim!.....we did something neither one of us did - and we headed to Florida! It was Sue's dream that her and I would visit the Holy Lands together! It was my dream too - as I've always wanted to go! Without a long-drawn-out story detailing our entire week-long trip - I will just say that we arrived at the Holy Lands for an all-day experience! And experience it was! Oh my goodness! All I can say - is thank you Jesus!!!! It was phenomenal! I'm not sure if the shows or the scriptorium was my favorite. It was exceptionally awesome! Seeing though, the scrolls from Queen Esther from the Bible - topped my day!!! It was so beautiful and I cannot wait to go back!!!