Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy 31st Birthday my son!

Wow!  It doesn't seem possible that 31 years ago today I was enormously busy trying to bake multiple loaves of banana bread and peel a bushel of apples, rolling out pie dough to make even more pies!  All the while in labor with my 3rd child Matthew!

Happy Birthday my son!  I'm so proud of you!
For all your accomplishments - and soon-to-be daddy!  How exciting!

I will write more!  I need to resolve myself to write more diligently!  I've been slacking - and very busy helping my daughter move to a new place!  Their landlord is selling their house - so they had to move.

For this note.......

For whatever is pure, love, just and admirable - think on those things!
Praising God for all His blessings!
The brisk and morning dew and with it - the cooler air bringing the Fall colors into full bloom!  Oh how I LOVE the Fall time!  The colors, the smells, the cooler air!
Have a blessed day!