Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time flies when we are having fun! Or at least keeping busy!!!

It's been a long 5 months since the last time I blogged....and soo many things have transpired since that time.
November ... came with our immediate family's reunion with our children and grandchildren.  We rented a cabin in North Carolina and just simply had a wonderful - but all too short a visit!  We celebrated our Thanksgiving early because we knew 2 new grand babies were coming!

We weren't sure which daughter would go first - but toward the end of November we got a call from my daughter Michelle saying she was in labor! By the time the 3 1/2 hour drive to get there was over - I learned that it was a false labor.  But by the next morning - her face had drooped on one side and had become numb, and her speech impared! We thought she was having a stroke!
After all all day long trip to the ER, the diagnosis was Bells Palsey....which we learned was very common during pregnancy.  I had never of it.  It drove my daughter crazy for weeks - even after the baby was born before she could feel her face again.

December 1st was a crazy day - but by the day's end - I couldn't stop laughing!  Oh my gosh!!!  What are the odds of both my daughter and daughter-in-law having their baby on the same day???!!!  This was so fun!  I enjoyed God's humor.  Both my daughter (due on December 12th), and daughter-in-law (due on December 13th) went into labor and had their baby on the same day! 

Felicity Jayne 6 lbs. 7 ounces and 19 1/2" - another little red head, (my daughter's 3rd red headed baby!)  She was born at 3:40 pm, and then at 6:00 pm, a little dark brown haired - Jovi Rain 6 lbs, 4 ounces and also 19 1/2"!   Two new grandbabies and only 2 oz difference!

Little Felicity had a bit of a rough start due to a baby from gestational diabetes and her glucose number dropped into the low 20's!  But bottle feeding formula helped get her back on track.

Soon after my daughter returned from the hospital,...(7 days later).....we packed them up and moved them to our house to live with us temporarily.  Our son-in-law unexpectedly landed a job, (which they had been praying about for a very LONG time).  He applied at a local job - only to be awarded the job near us!

Somewhere in the chaos - we had a little furry black haired kitten - who my grand daughter Rebekah named Madame Puddingface! Adopted us.  We tried to give her back - but she refused to stay and so we finally gave up trying to make her leave and took her in as own own.  Our dog Libby LOVES to chew on her - poor thing!  We still have Sadie - and she is getting used to the idea that there is another kitty that shares her food! Ha ha!  My goodness - I never dreamed we'd have all these animals!

JanuaryFebruary and now into March.... 3 months flew by.......My daughter and family found a place of their own and yet another moving day was upon us!  I really think I want to retire from moving all together! Ha! Sore muscles is a major understatement!!!

In a very small nutshell...that brings me up to date!

Now I'm praying for God's direction in pursuing the sale of our home and moving to ????  Where ever God leads.  I'm hoping for a mini-farm with some acres attached!  Time will tell...
Meanwhile.....prayers appreciated!!! :)

Miss dimples.... Felicity Jayne

Sweet Jovi Rain
Ever growing grandchildren! So precious!