Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy 17th Anniversary!

It's hard to imagine that 17 years ago today my daughter and son-in-law married and now are the parents of 7 children! WOW!
Oh recap that day brings back soo many memories...
Where to start???
No wedding goes off without a hitch - but at the end of the day - through all the calamities - they were "Hitched!" Ha ha!
Let's see...The day of the Wedding....Yikes!!!
1) Lucy the dog ATE their wedding license!  Although salvageable - their license still bears the teeth marks and corner eaten off!
2) While carrying wedding things to the church someone mistakenly took my daughter's veil to the church kitchen - and through a frantic search - and many tears - found it....but made her late to her hair appointment at Dillards.
3) Finally arriving for her hair appointment - they could not find their way into the not-yet-opened mall! And once inside - the hair technician refused to do my daughter's hair! (More tears and lots of panicked tears!) Begging them - they found a lady who specialized in weddings! Yeah!
4) In all the ruckus and chaos - the licensed was left at home, to which we sent my dad on the errand of retrieving it - and in the process he set off the house alarm - dispatching the police department!
5) My dad forgot to try on his outfit before traveling from Colorado to Tennessee - and realized the morning of the wedding that he did not have anything to wear. Another yikes! I remember racing to beat the clock to quickly go through the closet and then sewing the sleeves to fit him!
6) Minutes before the wedding we realized that we had not gotten tuling for the candelabras, extra cameras for reception tables, and tuxedo socks for all the guys and sent my husband on a wild goose chase to retrieve it all! That's a story all in itself! Oh! My! Gosh!!!
7) It seem that Murphy's Law was in full steam - because anything and everything that would go wrong - did!
8) Everyone seemed to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off....and I was no exception - when after getting my hair done - realized that I did not have wheels to get to the church and finish things! I some how managed to squeeze in my sister-in-law's car and they dropped me off.
9) While setting up the cake - (which I made), discovered that the fountain we ordered was the wrong one! Ugh! I was so disappointed - but was too late!!! We managed.
10) Forgot the red rose petals for the flower girls and ended up tearing apart a few of the roses in a wedding gift! I still feel horrible after all this time!
11) People started arriving at the church while we were still speed-racing around trying to finish up pew bows, (which were made THAT MORNING! Ugh!...another difficult - crazy story - for another time), and tuling in the candelabras, finishing touches on the reception tables, etc.
12) In all the crazy moments - my poor son-in-law made a plate - to which someone, (unnamed - to protect his identity and embarrassment), ATE his plate of food and he did not get to eat the night of their wedding!
13) Because they had to drive 3 hours or so to Gatlinburg for their honeymoon destination - they arrived way late in the evening - and starving to-boot!
14) During the rehearsal we discovered that several men did not have the right size tux's and so the next morning we ran errands to retrieve the right sizes for them. Thankfully - I worked at the Mitchell's Formal Wear then - and could go straight to the warehouse!!! Yeah!
15) We erroneously had the wrong under slip for my daughter's dress and lifted her gown off the floor. I worked hard to alter it - to make sure it fit just right! Oh show that it was a tad shorter than it should have been!
16) The morning of - I ended up cutting 5 of the men's hair! (Like I had nothing else to do! Ha!) Never again! Next time it will be a day or two ahead of time!!!
17) The flowers and bouquet well....were not put together as we had anticipated. To lengthy to explain - but devastating for my daughter. So my mom and my friend went shopping the night before to get the flowers. That was hard! I guess it could be summed up with miscommunication! No mention of names! I guess we live and learn! Still hits a sad note though!
Okay...I could go one...but I won't. 17 years and 17 crazy calamities! But at the end of the day - they were STILL married! And have beautiful children to show for their beautiful marriage!

Happy Anniversary my daughter and son-in-law!!!  May God bless your lives with countless more blissful years - and maybe more grandchildren?!  Haha! I would not mind!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A new grandbaby! She's here!!!

It was a long time coming...and the wait - well - the wait was excruciating! My daughter gave birth to a dark haired NINE POUND & .6 baby girl. 21 & 1/2" WOW!  Long story...but hospital policy would not help her have this baby before 39 weeks. However, we believe they had the date VERY wrong! Plus added to the fact that she was a gestational diabetes baby - and pretty plump!  Miss Lydia Claire was born on July 31st and had a bit of a rough start. Normal for gestational diabetes babies....her sugars plummeted and they had a hard time stabilizing her. But she is home now and being loved on by her siblings!  All 5 of them!

Lydia is my 10th grandchild...and I could not be more delighted!  Soo different from the others too. Not the normal fair-skinned, red head or blonde...she has a darker complexion and dark brown hair as well.  So funny how waaaay back when - Chloe told everyone she had a dream - and was the only one who said Lydia would be a girl and have black hair!  She wasn't far off!  WOW!

I am so in love with this baby!  I cannot wait until it's my turn to hold her again!  Ha ha!

God's blessings are so awesome!!! :)