Monday, January 31, 2011

Au Revoir Barbre Family

It was a long pain-staking decision - but my friend Joni, her husband Eugene, and daughter Krystle decided to call it quits here in Tennessee.  Eugene had a hard time finding work here and ended up having more work in Illinois - than here in Tennessee.  They endured the long spurts of time that separated them - and finally decided to pack it up and move  - lock, stock and barrel.  Illinois-bound to be closer to their son, his new wife, and all their grandchildren.  They were so excited!  Now they can finally be together!
Saturday was the " BIG" moving day....and the last day that I had a chance to meet with them before they left.....
It didn't take long!  They had several people that came down - including Joni's dad, her cousin and even the pastor-friend from their church in Illinois...3 pick up trucks, 2 trailers and 4 hours later..we said our good-byes...and off they went.  WOW!  It's hard to believe they're gone already!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to our precious grand daughter Hannah!

Happy birthday to our precious grand daughter Hannah! 
 Unfortunately she is one sick little girl....and birthday celebrations will commense once she's better! :(
Get well precious girl!!!  We love you!!! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


WOW!!!!  More snow in the forecast!!!

They came...they stayed....they left...It was a nice visit

Matt finds the WiiOn the Eve of New Year's Eve, my son Matthew and his lovely wife Jessie came to celebrate Christmas with us.  We had a blast just hanging out!  But on New Year's Eve we didn't stay put - rather we ventured to Cool Springs area to clean and repair Jessie's wedding rings at The Shane Company.  We visited the Cool Springs Galleria Mall while waiting - and then on to Gaylord Opryland Hotel to see the lights, and the show ICE.  It was awesome!
The following night we played Monopoly and Risk til midnight!  Blaaa!  I am NOT a night owl!!! 
I really enjoyed their visit!!!

Lunch at Five Chefs was they sat us on the patio area away from the environment.  Oh least we toured the store located on the premises. 

Walking the Cool Springs Galleria mall waiting for Jessie's rings to be worked on.
ICE - we needed those jackets......but sure wish I wore gloves.  A chilly 9 degrees.

 Brunch at the Cracker Barrell with all my boys and their family before we parted ways.  It sure was a nice visit!!!!  I miss them already!
 Uncle Chris got in a few moments with nephew Micah!'re such a good Uncle Chris!
 Micah is growing in leaps and bounds!!!
 Matt and Jessie are so awesome!!!
 Daddy Josh gets some time with his son!
Danielle and Josh met with us at the Cracker Barrel to say good bye!