Friday, October 16, 2009

Tennessee Home Again....but soon to change

I am home after about a 9 day visit to Colorado and spent some time with my dad - and had a wonderful visit with my niece Juliette - and I got to finally hear my brother sing.....It was a wonderful Colorado visit!  I even got to see the mountains!  Yeah!!!
I am soon to travel down to Florida to spend some gramma time with my precious and anxiously waiting grandchildren and also relieve my daughter while she has countless doctor appointments as we near the end of her pregnancy with my new grand daughter-to-be Chloe! 

We are due to fly down in my husband Steve's plane on Sunday!
So...I am unpacking my winter clothing and re packing my summer ones....

Michelle said that Florida is having a cold spell....and will be in the 70's!  ahhhhh!  PERFECT!  Ha ha!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am sooo going to miss Juliette!
She is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and will brighten any room once she enters it!  TRULY!!!

I needed this boost - my heart has been heavy in many ways - and between her hospitality and sweetness and geniune heart has been lifted in countless ways!

Thank you Juliette......You are a precious precious  precious and such a sweet young woman!  I just love you soo much!!!

Thanks for everything this past weekend!  I will cherish our time together always!  You brighten my life - truly~!!!!!

Flowers for my mother...

It's long overdue since I've been to Colorado.  It seems like life in itself is so busy - and days blend into weeks, and weeks into months and before I know it - another year has passed by me in what seems like only a moment!!!  I needed to tend to my mother's gravesight last Spring - but too many travels elsewhere kept me away from Colorado.
Thanks to my niece Juliette - we looked up Michaels Arts and Crafts and found a store somewhat close to the cemetery where my mother's gravesight is, found a nice assortment of silk flowers and then ventured over to the Fairmount Cemetery in Denver.
My heart sank when I saw the headstone surrounded with dead flowers and overgrown bushes.  I wished that I had made the trip so much earlier in the year.  The soil from the pots on the side of her headstone had been removed and in its place were dead plants still in the plastic containers; one too large and sitting atop the planter and the other one too small which fell into the empty stone planter.

I situated the flowers temporarily and need to make another trip with new potting soil, tools and garden gloves to finish the work.  I need to fill the planters with soil in order for the silk flowers to stay in place - and also plant fresh flowers in the Spring.

Just the tending to my mother's gravesight draws me back to Colorado. 

Who will be here to tend them when my dad is no longer here either? 

My heart is heavy and longs for my mother! I miss her so much - I miss her every day!  She has been gone now for 3 years....

In silence I weep - there are no words to describe the empty longing....but I so look forward to the day when we will all be together once again!

I reminds me of the song....

What a day of rejoicing that will be.....when we all get to Heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be - when we all see Jesus - we'll jump and shout for victory!!!

I cannot remember the exact words.....
I pray though - that those who aren't following Jesus - will change and turn from their worldly ways....before Christ returns - or they die - whichever comes first!

We MUST choose Jesus and His ways, His life, His Truth....or we will perish eternally!

The scriptures teach us that God cannot be mocked - a man will reap what he sows...
If he sows to the sinful nature - he will die, (an eternal death in the lake of torment where men will weep and knash their teeth),
But if he sows to the Spirit, he will reap eternal life with Christ and God - where there is no sorrow, no pain or tears.....forever and ever more!!!

Our Father, which art in Heaven hollowed be thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done - on earth as it is in Heaven....

Thy will be done on EARTH....
as it is in Heaven....

So today - if you hear the voice of God calling you by prayers are endless that you will heed God's calling and walk in His Spirit, and in His will....forever!

If you have yet to acknowledge that you are a sinner, and Christ is your Savior who died on the cross to set us free, and raised from the dead on the 3rd day.....I pray you will accept Him into your heart and then go - and sin no out the remainder of your days - praising the God who created you to begin with....and who we will spend an eternity with - only IF we change from our worldly ways....

Therefore - search our hearts Oh God...and know us, find any offensive ways within us - and draw us unto yourself....We call upon the name of Jesus Christ, who was, who is, and who is to come - to set us free from the law of sin and death - and take us unto His own - and write our names in the Lambs Book of we may all be together at the wedding supper of the Lamb.

Thank you Jesus!  I love you Lord, my Savior, King, Counselor, Comforter, and very best friend.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The hotel where they filmed "The Shining"

Bugling Elks...and a visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

This truly has been an enormously pack-filled busy day....but definately will be marked in my memory as one of the greatest memories ever!
To start our day, Juliette took me to the restaurant for breakfast named, "Toast" and I had the absolutely awesome drink I've ever tasted -  Chi Tea Latte'
From there we took a drive up into the mountains to see the elk and got to see more than I have ever seen in my entire lifetime combined...all in one day!  Wow!  I also heard them bugling - which I have never heard before.  It was spectacular.
We ventured up to Trail Ridge Road - but it was closed due to the weather moving in.  I love Estes Park, Colorado.  Even with the cloud-covered skies and snow flurries - I was delighted!  I had one of the most awesome days that I will never forget! 
Juliette took me to the hiking trails - and although snow-packed - we ventured up the trail to the first lake - called Bear Lake.  The snow was so slippery and I had to hang onto the railing all the way up and down the trail.  It was freezing - but so worth the view!  I had forgotten how much I LOVE pine trees and bolders and the Rocky Mountains.....It's just calling me back!!!!

Dinner at Juliette and Mike's place

I wasn't sure I'd be able to come for the weekend to stay with Juliette...I wasn't feeling good in the morning - and missed seeing my niece Kimmie and her baby girl Riley...actually getting quite big I will have to reschedule and meet another day when I'm not so under the weather.
By evening time though - my dad's tree was up and decorated, lunch and dinner in the oven for his weekend meals and dad loaned me his pick up truck to drive.
After some confusing directions - my GPS got me to Juliette's just before dinner - and also before her husband Mike had to go out of town on a business trip.
The dinner menu was beef soup!  YUM!  WITH barley.....I LOVE barley!!!
The bed was comfy - and I got such a great night  sleep - my laundry done - and a hot shower!  Yeah!
Today's venture is a drive to the mountains....I cannot up and coming for that adventure - but for now here are pictures from our meal last night......
It's sooo good to see Juliette....(I promise Bekah - Grandma will call you when I'm here with Juliette so you can talk to her!!!)

Grandpa Cozart's Christmas in October

Being the busy-ness of this year - and all my travels - while I am visiting my dad - and helping to organize his house - I wanted to set up his Christmas tree and put his gifts under the tree before I leave for Florida to stay and help my daughter with moving, children, etc.  Busy busy...but that's another story - I'm already ahead of myself.
Here are some pictures after we hung pictures and rearranged the furniture.  My dad recently installed new carpet in the livingroom and painted the walls so everything was still in boxes and moved out of the room.  Shew!  Those pictures weigh a TON!  But all in all..... I think it turned out reallly GREAT!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Just outside at Whispers

Grandpa gets a haircut!

Wow...we drove clear across town, away from Parker and into Aurora so that my dad could get his haircut.  Along the way there were countless hair I began to wonder what's up when we pulled into a small strip mall with a very small hair place situated 5' from the passenger's, (my) door.  He had an appointment - so when we arrived, the lady, (I forgot her name) came up to him and handed him a phone number explaining that Darcie, (which is my brother's new girlfriend), had locked herself out of the house and needed to get ahold of my brother.
So before the haircut Grandpa, ( dad), proceeded to find Jack's new work number that he had on a card inside his wallet.  After trying unsuccessfully to find the number - he informed Darcie of the bad news, hung up and then proceeded to walk with the hair stylist to get his haircut.
What seemed like moments later, a tall slender women, with long dark auburn hair came into the hair salon.  She was carrying a white poodle wrapped in a blanket - which looked exactly like my brother's dog Oggie.  I watched her walk past me directly to my dad and began to put 2 and 2 together - realizing that I was seeing my brother's girlfriend Darcie.
She apologized that she was in her PJ's.... However, they didn't resemble pj's at all....rather she was pretty and very comfortable looking -  wearing sweat pants and shirt  like she had been working out at the gym or something.  I know it may have been embarrassing for her meeting me for the first time like that - but - I wasn't bothered in the least.  She invited me to join her to go next door to Whispers while the stylist finished grandpa's haircut.
Whispers where my brother goes to sing karioke regularly....and so I grabbed my coat and followed Darcie to the place one door down from the salon.
I was a tad out of sorts and felt so clumsy and totally out of my comfort zone - because Whispers is a bar...and I don't go into bars.  I felt better once I discovered that they have already passed the smoking law here  in Colorado - and there was no smoke in the place. Thank goodness!!!
A little later Grandpa joined me and Darcie and we sat - waiting for my brother to get off work and meet with us.
The woman who cut his hair did a really GREAT job - and I can see now why he drove clear across town to see was one of the best haircuts I have ever seen on him!  Truly!!!  Besides the fact that it was prearranged to meet Jack there... as he didn't get the message that we wanted to meet at his house instead....oh is life...and now I can see for myself - what part of my brother's world is like.
Soon after  my brother arrived!  Gosh it was soooo great to see him again.  I do love my brother!  Have I ever said that he's my favorite brother???  Hmmm...  :)
Well....never mind the fact that he's my only brother - he's still my favorite!
To top the evening - was the fact that the snow was beginning to fall from the sky....YEAH!!!!!  I get to see SNOW!!!  This truly is an awesome day!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grandpa LOVES the Wii

Grandpa LOVES to play bowling on Wii!!!!!  Pictures up and coming!  I have never heard him laugh so hard!  It's great....
But me?.....whew...I'm sooo sleeeeeeeeeepppppy!
No sleep...and my nose hasn't STOPPED running since I've been here....That
Sneezing like crazy!  I think I am allergic to cats, dogs, and  their HAIR!  Blaaaa!

PICTURES up and coming.....Grandpa really loves this Wii....'
Thinks it's the greatest creation EVER!  ha ha!!!  I love it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Colorado bound today!

Colorado bound today - and loving the thought of the possibility of SNOW!!!  I haven't seen snow in a while! 
I'm off to spend the week with my dad....and other family members if we can gather us all together for a day!  Hmmm.....maybe a nice big HUGE meal...

I LOVE Colorado!!!  I was born and raised there....and I LOVE to come back to visit!

I also hope to see my nieces....Juliette and Kimmie....and who else is there?????
Well...Roxanne and Rosalee don't live close anymore!
I plan to spend some time with my long-time friends there too.....Fred and Valerie!
This is an exciting week for sure!