Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow sights from the air!!!

Today Steve had the priviledge of flying with a pilot friend and take pictures of our house from the air.  Pretty neat!  So I'm sharing the pictures he sent me.

If you look at the big barn in front of the pond/lake - you will see our house in the same path as the barn.  The barn sits almost directly behind our house.  If you look closely - you can see a circle of car tired tracks behind our house.  Steve - up to his play time!  You know...boys and toys!!!!  The only difference is the price of their toys!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow storm hits Tennessee!!!

I was amazed to see all the snow falling yesterday - late into the evening - and all night long - and still snowing into the morning hours as well.  It sure it beautiful!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

House 4 Sale...

The long-awaited for - or rather dreaded day arrived when we signed the papers to actually list the Devonshire house for sale.  It grieves my heart - because I love that house!  I love the space, the location, the neighborhood! 

With the economy the way that it is - and little - or next to nothing for work - resulting in little or no income, and our previous tenants breaking their least 6 months early at one of the worst times of year - it leaves us little choice.  We either must rent it again or sell our home.

It's listed on - and then I created, yet another blog, to list the house for rent on  But so far there has been no interest.  The only ones that were close to interest cannot move until May!

For now - we are praying for God's leading!  Which ever comes sell?  to rent?  we have even thought about renting and selling our Portland house and moving back into Devonshire.....just praying for answered prayers and for God's provision with our needs!

The blog for our house is:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ Happy birthday grand-daughter Hannah! ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫


♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ Happy birthday to you ♫♫♫♫♫Happy birthday to you ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ Happy birthday ♫♫♫♫♫♫ Happy Birthday ♫♫♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫ Happy birthday to Yoooooouuuuuuu!!!!!♫♫♫♫

We Love you!!! xoxox Hope you have lots of blessings come your way today and everyday for years to come!!! Love Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Our precious red-headed grand daugther Hannah turns 3 years old today!!!
Where on earth did all the time go???
Her mommy made a really neat little castle birthday cake  for her:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trying our hand at Corporate Housing....

Still in process of staging the house and praying along the way...

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Special Guest....

We had a special guest that drove up from Chatanooga, TN.  Eric Jackson, and now pastor of a church near Soddy Daisy, TN wanted Steve to go with him to Illinois to check on a mission job for drywall.  The Church of God there bought an old newspaper building - and now need to remodel it into a church.

Eric arrived early just prior to leaving with Chris to the emergency room, and prayed for him before we left for the ER and they left for Illinois.  It was definately not a typical busy morning.  In any case, by evening time we had all come back together again to share our day - and I cooked a throw-together meal before Eric began his trip back down to Chatanooga.

The flight for them was smooth and quick!  2 hours there - 2 hours home.  Otherwise it would have been 14 hours to drive!
It's always wonderful to see Eric and Amy Jackson.  Their family always reminds me of my daughter and her family.  We miss them all so much!!!  It was a really GREAT visit - but far too short of one!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Surprise House Guest...

Yesterday I got an unexpected call asking me to go and get a little girl and watch her.  I responded - and I drove to pick up a little girl named Natalie.  Her mother is expecting to have another baby any day now - and her pa pee, (as she calls him), is with Steve on a job project in California.

So I brought her to my house - and tried to get her settled in to stay with me for a while.  I managed to dig out all my grandma box toys, (something I put away since my grandchildren left for Ohio), blow up an air mattress for her bed to sleep in, rearrange the room she would be staying in and began to get to know my new little friend.  She is precious!!!

I'm still in the process of learning her language....."ba ca".....means BAD CAT!  OH YES!!!  I did teach her first off that I have a very bad kitty and to stay away from her or she would bite her!  Sometimes - I really think I need to part ways with my persnickity Snickers!  She is the worst cat I have EVER owned!!!  Very unfriendly...even to me!!!

I hadn't planned for a little - and so dinner was sandwiches.  I thought peanut butter and jelly would win her heart - but she wouldn't touch it!  Rather - she wanted the meat from my sandwich.  She must be her daddy's girl!  She loves meat!!!  That and chips - she LOVED the potato chips and asked for more.

She is only 2 and doesn't articulate herself well enough to fully understand what she is saying - so I taught her the word more in sign language.  She picked it up in record speed!!!  Now she "signs" she wants more!  She sure won my heart!!!

She is a precious and beautiful  little girl!!!  And quite a cuddle bug!  While I was sitting on the couch - she plopped herself down beside me, layed her head down and cuddle up next to me!  Yep - she won my heart!

I'm wondering what today will hold???!!! 

I think that we will venture down to the store and find her a coat.  She only has a windbreaker...and it's soooo very cold here - a whole 9 degrees!  I think she needs more than a windbreaker!!!

I was planning on going to the Devonshire house today - to set up the 2 kitchens with silverware, etc. but maybe I will postpone that endeavor for now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow is snow beautiful!

One thing I love the most about our house in Portland is the view from the back yard!  It's spectacular!  Snow falling is so pretty - and I wish I had a fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate, a blanket to wrap up in and a good book to settle myself down in a warm cozy chair! I'm dreaming!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009...

As I began writing this – I was in the home of my daughter Michelle in 80 degree warm and sunny Florida, while the rest of the country was in extremely frigid temperatures! It was beautiful and very warm outside – and definitely did not feel like winter, December or anywhere close to Christmas – but yet – there we were!

Michelle had just come home from the hospital where she gave birth to a precious little red headed baby girl named Chloe Grace. ( My 2nd red headed grand child!) She was born on Black Friday, November 27th at 6:12 pm, 7 lbs. 11 oz and 20” long. A true girly girl - wanting to go shopping!  Ha ha!!!  Michelle said that it was the easiest and fastest delivery of all her children and she is a really good baby!!!

Within the next 2 weeks, Michelle and I, along with my 4 grandchildren - headed out - in a fully-packed van,  and were Tennessee bound for a short Christmas celebration and mini-reunion at my house.  Meanwhile, Jay was left with a fully packed household and began the long trek northward, with his dad and a moving truck toward Ohio the next morning. My son-in-law Jay accepted a Senior Pastor position at the First Baptist Church in Beverly, Ohio and wanted to be there and settled in before Christmas.

Plans were a tad altered while we were in Tennessee when Chloe ended up at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  Upon Jay receiving the news, he changed his route and headed to Tennessee instead of Ohio so that he could be with Michelle.  Jay's dad continued onward toward Ohio - and thankfully was met with Jay and Michelle's new church family, who helped unpack the truck, set up a Christmas tree for them, (complete with a new sled! To which the grandchildren were totally thrilled about), unpacked the kitchen competely, stocked the refrigerator, and set up the beds - anticipating our arrival.  God bless them for all their thoughtfulness!
After 48 hours of observation, (hospital policy with newborns), the baby checked out fine.  Michelle's mother-in-law Pat came to see the new baby and grandchildren before we left Tennessee, and we began the long 7 hour drive to Ohio.  By the time we arrived though, it had been a very long 9 hour drive!!!
Since that time - (and after Christmas), they are fully settled into their new house, which is very nice - and a LOT larger than they anticipated.  God is so good - as they held their rental house - sight unseen - but were hopeful that it would be large enough to accomidate them.  We were completely and pleasantly surprised!) They love their new house, new church and church family, the kids are back in homesehool, and the baby is still doing wonderful.  They are very happy in their new home and new town!

It’s so hard to recap this last year – as it’s flown by in record speed and I can barely comprehend that another year has passed by already.  As with year's past - it all seems a blurr now!

I think the most dramatic moments in this past year was May 22nd, when Steve, as most of you already know, crashed his airplane – but thankfully and miraculously survived the crash! Who else do you know who could tangle himself in power line, land on four cars in a used car lot and live to talk about it??! We are so thankful!!! The crash was the 4th one on that particular grass landing strip - and the only one with survivors.  It's such a miracle - in many ways - and amazing that the plane didn't explode upon impact!  Both he and his buddy survived - and thankfully his buddy had only scratches and bruises.  The weird part was that he dreamed about it happening a month or so beforehand! For the most part though, Steve has recovered, his collapsed lung isn't collapsed anymore and his 2 broken ribs have healed. He still suffers with two torn rotator cuffs - one in each shoulder, but he had that before the crash. Sadly, the plane, N3229Y did not survive the crash - and was declared a total loss.  But since that time, he bought himself another 182 Cessna, N3586Y, and is presently in the process of painting it, along with some other necessary modifications.

As with most of us this year – the economy has impacted our lives to the extent that we have had very little work this past year and it’s been mighty difficult. But as always, God provides! Thankfully in November however, we were awarded a few job projects to help us through the holidays. For that – we are tremendously thankful!

As for the rest of the family….Matt finished his Aviation Management degree in December, at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC and will graduate in May 2010. Unfortunately, with the economy,  Matt was among those that were laid off this year from Stevens Airfield, and frustratingly hasn’t found other employment in the aviation field.  Due largely in part to Obama-nomics and all!  Meanwhile, he’s been painting with his wife Jessie’s cousin. Matt and Jessie still live in Taylors, South Carolina.

This past year Josh relocated for work purposes, and is acting as foreman on a job in Kingsport, Tennessee about 4 hours from Nashville. Being that the job is nearly finished – he will tentatively be returning to Nashville in February, and he can hardly wait! The biggest news in his life this past year was asking his long-time and now best friend Danielle to become his wife. They were engaged in November and have not set a date for when they plan to be married. They have known each other for years – back in their church youth group days.

Chris is currently living at home with us and hopes to relocate to Bowling Green, Kentucky. He is presently working as a waiter at Cheddars Restaurant and also maintains a 2nd job as a sales associate with the retail store, Champs Sporting Goods. He hopes to start school again and plans to attend Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  I think he has finally chosen his desired field of study to be Physical Therapy.  Meanwhile though, his back has been giving him tremendous difficulties - and we think that surgery may be in his near future. Repercussions of his football days!

All in all it’s been a pretty busy year - even without a lot of work.  If I had one word to sum it all up - I think it would be TRAVEL! Lots and lots of travel! Florida to Indiana, South Carolina, Colorado and everything in between! I think we've got jet-lag - at least I do!!!  I think that Steve could fly indefinately!  It's his passion!!!!!

The week of Christmas - our tenants, who occupied our Hendersonville house broke their lease 6 months early, and didn't give us much notice to get another tenant.  I was shocked when I discovered that she was mighty busy cutting down all our trees that we had JUST landscaped!  I'm just sick!  We were planning on putting the house on the market and sell it, but then decided to try our hand at Corporate Housing.  We are in the process of furnishing the house again - and advertise it for short-term leases fully furnished, complete with dishes, towels, sheets, etc.   We are doing a LOT of praying for the success of it, and  I guess time will tell if it will be a success or not.  I really do not want to sell our home and have thoughts of moving back down to Hendersonville.  I really miss being close to town, and also the space the house provided, which we do not have at our new home.  But for now - we are praying a lot to determine God's will for the direction of our lives.

Anway, I guess that's the highlights of the year 2009.  You can always go back through my blog to recap everything we have done - as I've tried to keep it current this past year.  It's so hard to remember everything!  Call it senior moments - or something like that.....Oh well.  Ha ha!

I hope that this past year has been a good year for you – and I hope and pray for you a prosperous new and upcoming year in 2010!

We will be praying that God blesses you and your family! That His face will shine upon you and give you everlasting peace - the peace that passes all understanding and only comes from Him!  Never forget that Jesus is the reason for the season! If you have never asked Him to live in your heart - my hope is that this year will be the year you will consider it!  The coming of the Lord is coming sooner than we think!  May His love be felt in our hearts and reflect in our lives onto others ….all year long!!!  Remember that the Word of God tells us that we are to be radiant portraits of God's beauty....His love!  I know for me - I need to pray hard - that I am.

Please forgive me for not writing and sending cards out to everyone this year.  I felt a huge tug at my heart because I wasn't able to do it.  My computer died, and as I learned later - the hard drive was erased.  It had been going bad for a long time - and I didn't back up any of my files.  (A mistake I will not repeat!!!) Sadly, I have no one's addressess or phone numbers.  Live and learn I guess!  I have had a difficult year in computers! 
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a good start to a new year!!!

I love you all!!!

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Devonshire House Staging Continues.....

Progress......Another day at the rental house in Hendersonville. 

I had gotten a call from a lady very interested in seeing it - but she never showed!  Bummer! I called her back to inquire - and she never called me back.  I hate it when that happens!  It's only curteous to call back to confirm  or cancel an appointment!

Then I walked into the garage only to find it flooded and water gushing out of a wall.  I guess we now have a broken pipe in the wall to fix.  I'll bet the neighbor kids loved the new ice skating rink right in the street!  I'm sure with 25 degrees cold outside - the water froze!  Thankfully the pipe busted when we were there to find it - instead of running all day and night!!!

We are also looking into the possibility of renting our home as Corporate Housing...time will tell.  Meanwhile - we are cleaning, fixing, painting, and staging the house.  I love doing that!  Now I need more furniture.  Ha ha! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Painting...Cleaning...and Staging the Devonshire house...

I have to say - that since the tenants moved out - we have our work cut out for us.  Listing the house on the market is a lot of work!  Whew!  So - today - we took a trailer load of furniture and a car load of flowers, plants and lamps, etc. to set up the house for the "Grand Open House day."

What I discovered was that I really miss my Devonshire house....and I would really like to move back into it!

I caught myself nearly tearing up because I had errands to run in town - and it was just down the road from my old house....I just miss that place.  I miss the red livingroom...the color scheme in the old dining room, my bookshelves...the old green room - now den...the apartment with the extra kitchen and the extra bedrooms whenever we had company over.  I miss the large bedrooms too.  The bathrooms....the GARAGE!!!!!  Oh yes...I miss the garage...the porch.....everything!  I regret ever leaving it!

But who wouldn't want a house with 4685 square feet??!  The house we are in now is only 2300 sf and very small bedrooms.  The vaulted living room looks impressive - but I dislike the echo and the fact that the sound disappears.  I DO LOVE the kitchen though.  Especially the drawers that hold all my pots and pans!  I love the view in the back yard - but NOT the wind that accompanies it all the time!  The howling gets on my nerves!  But - we always know which way the wind blows!!!

The Devonshire house needs windows.....2 new furnace units, (ugh!).....a new kitchen - because it is too outdated!  And now the landscape needs work thanks to the former tenants - who proceeded to TAKE OUT ALL OUR TREES and a lot of our shrubs too!!!!! I am working up a price list of damages!  I have yet to gather all my pictures before and after together to make sure I list everything removed!!!

I miss my house and I want to move back!

Just don't know if we can afford it now...but I'm praying!  God always provided before!!!

We need work...we need an income!  This past year has been very difficult for us - and then when Steve crashed his plane - he wasn't able to work a lot of last year!

The one problem that Steve is concerned about is that he is far from his airplane.  If we moved back to Hendersonville - his plane is still in the hangar in Portland.  Gallatin is the closest airport - and the hangar cost is too expensive! 


Guess I'll be praying a lot for God's will and direction for our lives!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend!

Now that our rental house is empty - as our tennants broke their lease 6 months early - it left us with a situation at a difficult time for us.  Our sons,  Josh had some of our extra furniture that he doesn't really need - and at the same time - Matt needed an air compressor and a quick crash course into using the paint sprayer for his mother-in-law's kitchen cabinets - so we took off New Year's Day and traveled to East Tennessee and picked up Josh, who then came with us to Matt and Jessie's for the weekend in South Carolina.
Matt had to work the next morning so Josh and Steve went with him and worked for 4 hours to help him finish up a job he was doing.  They did it in record time!!!
Then off to his mother-in-law Ellen's house to work on her kitchen cabinets.  They were installed longest ago, but never painted and Matt wanted to help her out.  Matt had already done a lot of the prep work necessary - which saved some time, and Jessie and I cut cardboard to fit inside the cabinets, and Josh helped tape them out.  Matt went from the garage, (where Steve was busy getting ready to spray primer on the cabinet doors) to the kitchen to oversee and help in both places.  All of us worked for a few hours to help him prepare to spray. 
Jessie and I left a little early, which was really late, (about 7 pm) to work on dinner while the guys stayed to finish up and spray the first coat of primer before they left for the night.
Earlier that day Jessie and I shopped at The Fresh Market, and got already prepared and ready to bake - chicken cordon blue.  YUM!  I was craving it!!!  Jessie is such an awesome cook!!! 
Nearly an hour and a half - the guys came home from Ellen's house - and by then the dinner was ready to serve.  It was sooo worth the wait too!
We visited some before retiring for the night - which was so long overdue!  Josh hadn't seen Matt in over 2 years!  Wow!  I didn't realize that it had been that long ago!!!
The next morning we attended their church service, had lunch an awesome Chinese restaurant, said our good byes and traveled back to East Tennessee to drop Josh at at his temporary home, pick up our trailer we had dropped when we first picked him up - and loaded up the furniture, said good bye - and took of toward home - 4 hours away.  We finally got home late last night!  Talk about a whirlwind weekend!  Soo tired - but soo worth the visit!  I miss them all!!!